In early March, the Delaware Center for Justice issued a statement to lawmakers, Department of Correction officials, community leaders, and key partners that outlines our recommendations for improving safety in Delaware’s correctional facilities and the wider community in the wake of the incident in Smyrna. Our three primary recommendations are to:

1) reduce Delaware’s prison population
2) enhance the Department of Correction’s grievance process, and
3) enhance programming within Delaware’s correctional facilities.

The statement can be found in its entirety here.

DCJ’s Annual Celebration – 5:30pm on Thursday, April 6th
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Guest Bartending Night at BBC Tavern – Thursday, May 11th

Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community – Saturday, June 3rd
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Where does DCJ stand?

We oppose the death penalty.
We stand for bail reform.
We believe it’s time to end the lifetime ban on TANF for drug felonies.
We oppose mandatory minimums.
We believe in second chances.

To read more about our legislative priorities for the upcoming session, click here.

DCJ In the News

Attendees at the January 31st “100 Years of Peace & Justice” series hosted by Pacem in Terris got a great overview of the Delaware Center for Justice and what we need to do to interrupt the violence in Delaware.

DCJ’s Executive Director, Ashley Biden, told the room that we need to focus on the root causes of violence by investing more in public schools, alleviating poverty, and creating opportunities for people to change.

“Young men are saying to us, ‘We need support,’ ‘We need help,’ and ‘We don’t want to be carrying guns and engaging in these crimes.'”

This event was covered by the News Journal and WDEL.

DCJ’s Advocacy Director, Eugene Young, weighs in on what Governor-Elect John Carney means for criminal justice reform in Delaware in a recent Delaware Law Weekly article.

“‘This is going to be a tough year. The next couple years are going to be tough,” Young said.
‘We just want to make sure that a lot of the great work that’s been put into this plan

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