Programs for Adults

The Adult Victims Services program supports adult crime victims age 50 or older who live in New Castle County, Delaware. AVS helps clients navigate the many systems that impact their lives after being victimized such as the legal system, healthcare systems, and the subsidized and unsubsidized housing market. AVS provides many services including counseling services, home visits, court accompaniment, long-term follow up care, and assistance in establishing a reliable support system. This program is funded through the Delaware Criminal Justice Council by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for the Victims of Crime.
Program Director: Gloria Smith

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CRSP, a collaborative effort between the Delaware Center for Justice, the Department of Correction and multiple community partners, provides case management support and other crucial services that foster successful reentry. Services include housing assistance, job search assistance, identification acquisition, mental health and substance abuse referrals, educational and vocational placement, life skills, and social support. CSRP is funded through a contract with the Delaware Department of Correction.
Program Coordinator: Jessica Alicea

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By capitalizing on the benefits of mediation, we give victims the chance to be heard and feel that justice has been served, and we provide individuals who have committed harm with the opportunity to make restitution, complete community service, and learn skills needed to lead a law-abiding life. For example, our Adult Diversionary Program involves mediating certain misdemeanors instead of prosecuting them, so we keep the case out of court while empowering victims to help shape the resolution. Charges are dropped for individuals who have committed harm who fulfill all required obligations. This program is part of the Restorative Justice Project and is funded by the Administrative Office of the Courts.
Program Coordinator: Barbie Fischer

The Read In, Read Out Program is a collaborative project of the Department of Correction, the Delaware Center for Justice, and Read Aloud Delaware. Selected parents are able to record themselves reading age-appropriate books to their children. The resulting recordings are then sent, along with the books and an inexpensive cd player, to each child. In this manner, incarcerated parents are better able to preserve a bond with their children, improve their communication and parenting skills, and ease their transition back to their families and to the community.
Program Coordinator: Kailyn Richards

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Safe Spaces is a support group that allows for adults ages 18 and over to heal from the loss of a loved one from homicide. The group focuses in on managing the various stages of grief while offering a unique healing experience that is embedded in expressive writing, art, music, yoga, and mindfulness practice. This program is funded through the Delaware Criminal Justice Council by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime, subgrant #VF14-1510.

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WIT delivers educational instruction using the Moving On curriculum, a curriculum designed specifically for women who are involved in the criminal justice system, at Hazel D. Plant Women’s Treatment Facility.The overarching goal of the program is to assist women in mobilizing and developing personal and social resources that mediate the impact of risk for future criminal behavior. The program targets criminogenic factors in order to reduce recidivism and promote healthy living, thus improving one’s capacity for life’s various stressors. Women build human, social, and emotional capital necessary for successful reentry into the community and greater ecosystem.
Educational Instructor: Judy Hutt

Programs for Youth

DCJ’s School Offense Diversion Program (SoDP) staff work with students referred by the Attorney General’s Office as a result of an arrest for an in-school incident. This program is an alternative to the juvenile court process and punitive disciplinary approaches – a space for mediation with students to talk through and understand the nature of the incident and to validate their experience. Students learn to skillfully resolve problems and sustain healthy relationships so that what may have been their first experience with the criminal justice system is their last. The School Offense Diversion Program is funded through the State of Delaware and governed by the Administrative Office of the Courts.
Program Coordinator: Cindy McDaniel

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This program is a comprehensive and collaborative gun intervention and prevention program that works in partnership with the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families – Division of Youth Rehabilitation. The program consists of educational classes at Ferris School for Boys for individuals sentenced through gun court. Classes use the Phoenix New Freedom 100 Curriculum which teaches skills and strategies for coping with chaotic environments and reducing violent behavior. The program also provides after-care support groups in the community focusing on community service projects for program participants.
Program Coordinator: Corry Wright

The program is directed at getting youth to understand the impact they have on their community, family, and self when committing crimes. With the overall violence in the City of Wilmington, this program hits home for many youth because it allows them to hear real life stories from individuals that have lived through violent acts or committed violent acts themselves. The youth in this program are able to open up without being judged and ask questions about how to change their life. This program is funded through support from the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families – Division of Family Services.
Program Coordinator: Erin Goldner

We are grateful for our many funders that make the sustainability of our programs possible.  These funders include: