Race & Justice

Evaluating the Role of Race in Criminal Adjudications in Delaware (MacDonald & Donnelly, 2016)

“The results of this study suggest that current charge and case characteristics from the arrest stage are the primary drivers of racial disparities in incarceration sentences and sentence length. Contextual factors related to county location and detention between arrest and court disposition are important, but less influential contributors to racial differences in incarceration sentencing. Taking into account these three sets of case-level factors suggests that discretion in criminal processing after arrests plays little role in explaining the relatively high rates of African Americans serving an incarceration sentence in Delaware in 2012-2014. The results indicate that criminal justice system reform efforts to reduce racial disparities in incarceration in Delaware will need to focus on how sentences are determined.”

Victims & Justice


Crime Survivors Speak: The First-Ever National Survey of Victims’ Views on Safety & Justice (Alliance for Safety & Justice, 2016)

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